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    Phil Huntley, left, throws water at Yahyness McDonald, 5, while playing in a water fight on Monitor St. in Jersey City Thursday. They had opened up a fire hydrant to cool off during the record breaking hot summer weather. Jersey City NJ, USA.

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    While at the shooting scene, Saleenah Baines crys for her unarmed stepbrother 23 year-old Amar McClean who was shot and killed in Newark, New Jersey, by a Essex County plain cloths sheriff's officer after a struggle during a narcotics arrest with him at Springfield Avenue and South 15th Street on Tuesday. Police confiscated 20 bricks of heroin worth about $4,000 from McLean. Newark, NJ, USA.

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    Volunteering to clean up the devastation in Union Beach, NJ, caused by hurricane Sandy, a pair of young Amish women from Greenville, PA, clear out of a house of wet debris on 2nd Street. As a part of Christian Ministries they drove 9 hours and arrived in town at 9 a.m. and starting clearing debris and worked to 6 p.m. when it got dark with only taking one break for lunch. UNION BEACH, NJ, USA.

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    Anna Yurgelonis sits on the back steps of what was her home located on Brook Avenue in Union Beach, NJ. The ocean's 13-foot storm surge took most of the house and her possessions out back to sea. A nurse, she and her husband Charlie, a retired cop, raised 3 children of their own, an addition 5 adopted and 50 foster children in that house. Union Beach, NJ, USA.

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    One year Sandy Anniversary - Portrait of Anna Yurgelonis. The ocean's 13-foot storm surge took most of the house and her possessions out back to sea. A nurse, she and her husband Charlie, a retired cop, raised 3 of their own, an addition 5 adopted and 50 foster children in that house. Union Beach, NJ, USA.

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    A stylish man waits for his train to depart back to New Jersey while at the World Trade Center PATH Station. NY, New York, USA.

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    Grace Sabbagh, from Washington Twp. and Jose Ortiz, from Philadelphia, enjoy relaxing on the Belmar Beach Thursday afternoon during the 4th of July holiday. Belmar, NJ, USA.

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    At the end of practice assistant coach Marty Gleason, red sleeve, puts his head on top of senior co-captain Andrew Campolattano's head as members of the team follow, Gleason, a mentor to Campolattano, speaks to the team prior to giving the cheer 'Conceive, Believe, Achieve.' Andrew Campolattano will attempt to become only New Jersey's second four-time state champion this week; we know how great he is on the mats, but we don't know what shaped that greatness. That's where Bound Brook coaches Bob Doerr, Marty Gleason, Kyle Franey and former wrestler-turned-assistant Andrew Flanagan step in. Each has had a unique and profound affect on Campolattano, whose father left his family early on in life, leaving a void of male influence. This story is a personal one about Campolattano and the men who held mold and shape him. Bound Brook, NJ, USA.

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    Sgt. Larry Brown, of the Plainfield Police Department's street crimes unit, interviews an intoxicated man who fell down. Plainfield is once again having a problem with muggings and the street crimes unit is trying to crack down on the areas where people are being attacked. Plainfield, NJ, USA.

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    Jazz great Wynton Marsalis at Lincoln Center's new Jazz Center at Columbus Circle in Manhattan. NEW YORK, NY, USA

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    Chemo Rapper - Rapper Jesse Hershkowitz at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. He was recently diagnosed with lymphoma and has been fighting it every way he knows how, including cutting an album about living with and trying to overcome the disease. NEW YORK, NY USA

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    After a day at work Rabbi Benji Levene is greated by his daughter Rivkaleah, 4, in the famlies home in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Har Nof. Rabbi Benji Levene, is a Jersey City, NJ, native who performs "The Four Faces of Israel," a drama comedy one man show that deals with diversity and stereotypes in Israeli society. Jerusalem, Israel.

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    Portrait of St. Patrick High School's senior Jeff Robinson for boys basketball Player of the Week. Robinson is one of the areas best players and has been recruited to play college basketball at the University of Memphis but has since transfered to Seton Hall University. Elizabeth, NJ, USA.

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    During a student walk out protest on Broad Street across from Newark City Hall because of of Governor Christie's budget cuts, a Newark Police Officer breaks up a fight. Newark, NJ, USA.

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    While near the Hudson River at Pier A Park, Adriana Pachero, right, is unable to blow a shofar to the humor of Noa Laden , left, Hannah Plotka and her daughter Maya Panchero-Berger. They were earlier participating in United Synagogue of Hoboken's Rosh Hashanah celebration of Tashlikh which is a symbolically casting off the sins of the previous year into a large, natural body of flowing body of water. Hoboken, NJ, USA.

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    A hysterical woman is restrained on Mt. Prospect Ave. near the shooting site. Newark police involved shooting at Mt Prospect Ave and 2nd Ave. Adrian Facto, 44, was shot to head, after he stole a mini van and dragged a woman pedestrian and she was pinned under vehicle driven by the shot man. NEWARK, NJ, USA.

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    Backstage Kay Vigue, center, jokingly breaks out in song while waiting to get her make up done with fellow contestants Brenda Christian, left, and Sylvia Silano and choreographer Melanie Brough. Thirteen women from around the state - all over 60 years old - compete in the 40th Annual Ms. NJ Senior America Pageant. ATLANTIC CITY, NJ, USA.

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    During Pope Benedict's visit, Peter Isely, of Milwaukee, a national board member of S.N.A.P, Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, puts up photos of people who have come out and declared that they were abuse victims themselves as a child. The group was protesting outside St. Dominic’s Catholic Church in Washington DC were Fr. Aaron (“A.J.”) Cote who sexually abused a boy worked. According to S.N.A.P. last week, a new child sex abuse lawsuit was filed charging that Fr. Cote sexually abused two very young Springfield Massachusetts brothers in 2004-05, after he’d been suspended for molesting the DC area boy a year or two earlier despite reports going back to the 1980’s of Cote’s inappropriate actions with children. Cote was apparently not being monitored by church officials. Peter Isely himself was assaulted by a priest in Wisconsin when he was 13. WASHINGTON, DC, USA.

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    Newark mayoral candidate Cory Booker, gets a hug and a laugh from a well wisher during the opening night of his campaing at the Newark Sheraton. Newark, NJ, USA.

  • Violence Erupts At Anti-Violence Rally

    Abdul Muhammad, bottom, is pushed down to the ground by Tyrone Barnes, in the red jacket, after Muhammad was separated earlier from fellow community activist Donna Jackson when the two got in a heated argument. Violence breaks out on the steps of Newark City Hall during an anti-violence rally. Newark, NJ, USA

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    During a May day in the 90's some of the 1,00 plebs climb the Herndon Monmumet, a 21 ft. lard-covered obelisk to take a plebe "dixie cup" hat from atop the monument and replace it with an upperclassmen's hat during the old tradition that will mark the end of their freshman year at the US Naval Academy. Annapolis, MD, USA.http://www.usna.org/HerndonPAO.html

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  • Frank Walker Turns 105

    Frank Walker listens to friends and family during his 105th Birthday Party in Newark, New Jersey. A native of Jamaica, he came to New York City in 1960 and became a horseback riding instructor and even taught the Kennedy family how to ride. He didn't think he would ever reach this age and hopes to celebrate his birthday next year. He got emotional after saying, "God Bless America." His great niece Mandy Rainford claimed he is the example of the immigrant achieving the American dream! New Vista Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center resident Frank Walker's 105th birthday party. Walker was born February 14th, 1910. Newark, NJ, USA

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    Volunteer Mary Lindsey, left, of Shrewsbury, NJ, embraces Newark's Gail Godley after the two of them sang to the band playing 'Go Tell It on the Mountain.' Holiday Express, a non-profit group brings their interactive holiday party, including a live band made up of New Jersey’s most philanthropic musicians to perform holiday songs and feed hundreds of people at St. Ann’s Soup Kitchen. NEWARK, NJ, USA.

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    A crowd gathers to watch 15 year-olds Tonya Baron and Nicole Martin fight over a boy. Word spread around the playground and basketball court there would be a fight that afternoon after school. Biddeford, ME, USA.

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    Resting on a inflatable raft after a long day of playing, Ana Meneilley, 9, of Jasper, enjoys her 4th of July stay with her family at Beaver Lake. Jasper, IN, USA.

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    Competitors greet each other prior to the bull rinding event at the International Gay Rodeo Association's Atlantic Stampede held at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

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    Jasper first year coach Tim LaGrange tries to inspire his starting center Frank Mujezinovic during a half time pep talk. The talk worked and Jasper broke a 5 game losing streak. Jasper, IN, USA.